1. General Information about Artem Finance

Artem Protocol іѕ а set-up оf thіngѕ іn Decentralized Finance thаt аt іtѕ center gіvеѕ propelling arrangement, yield age, аnd confirmation оn thе Ethereum blockchain. Thе bosses оf thе show іѕ spoken tо bу YFI holders. Thе show іѕ kерt uр аnd mаdе bу vаrіоuѕ independent providers іnѕіdе thе automated money space. Recorded undеrnеаth аrе center thіngѕ dynamic іn progress, а short portrayal оn thе show’s association cycle, аnd affiliations wіth dynamic correspondence channels. Artem is a DeFi lending program based on blockchain technology which offer the largest liquidity opportunities for cryptocurrencies and assets and provide a consistent reward for those attendees as return.


The full name of Artem Finance project is Artem Finance Protocol. Artem was born to upgrade the financial sectors of the Financial Platform of Artem. As a decentralized platform of the digital banking system, Artem is considered as a saviour of limited existing financial sectors.

Artem Finance mission is to improve the transformation of financial and billing processes. Its main function is collecting all of the information stored in a decentralized authentication ledger. So, users will not be costed in transforming. It means that payments fee will be cheaper, safer based on automation capabilities and more convenient.

Tend to develop a project that can use easily and generally on over the world, Draken tries to make the best security system for user. Besides, speed, efficient transactions and updates technologies are also especially considered in the decentralized finance sector.


  • 2 . Artem has additionally NFT which identity as ANFT/ArtNFT. Currently Generation 2 (ERA2) NFT is claimable for free. ERA1 NFT is now limited and ERA2 ArtemNFT is now available to claim. This NFT can use in various way from where you can get profit.
  • How To Claim ERA2 ArtemNFT?
    Claiming ArtemNFT is very easy. No need to pay anything, it’s totally free. But, there is a transaction fee depends on the Etherscan network consumption. It can be from 3$ to 10$.

The 2nd generation of ArtNFT is available for claiming! 🔥🔥
Limited 1000 NFT awaits for you!👏👏

🔥Stage two:Upgrade
Will soon open the 1st-generation NFT to upgrade the 2nd-generation NFT

If you hold 1st- generation NFT
Click "Up of generations"
you will be able to upgrade them into 2nd-generation NFT
and be rewarded with 0.005APWR in return.!

Claim your 2nd generation NFT here:👇

  • To Be Honest All people can claim ArtNFTs And High Price On OpenSea Market 👍 Demanding NFTs Artem is unique and special projects who gave free NFTs Proud To Be Member Of Artem 🥰🥰🥰

Also remember to stake your NFT at Sackler gallery for ARTD daily rewards and share the excitement to the Artem community. 🤑🤑

*ARTD is an utility token used specifically for NFT card.
It will soon be tradable in the Uniswap market.

Wonna earn more with your popularity?
Click on Early Bird to register for leadership to earn even more ARTD!

3 . Why is Artem Finance a bright star in the blockchain sky?

Artem Finance has been taking a lot of actions before published to the community, so that, it is a trusted real project. Artem Finance platform brings you many advantages that you can believe and use for your platform.

- As mentioned above, Artem Finance has been marinated its coin – ARTT – before published the information to the community. That means ARTT is absolutely real. Users will not be vagued about the statement of this project in the complex market.

- ARTT has been developed based on modern blockchain technology 4.0 separately. It allows you to build your own platform.

- As talked, the cost of Artem Finance is nearly 1.3$. With Artem Finance system, you can use a free transaction. The smart fee is applied in ARTT function. Therefore, your transaction will be very cheap. Futhermore, without anny disturbing, you can comfortably use the ARTT system smoothly and no worry about blockchain’s spam.

- ARTT is not an anonymous blockchain but it can provide you with an anonymous transaction if you want. Nobody can know about your information, such as the amount of transacting, time and private information of the sender and receiver.

- The success of ETH is built based on the number of shareholders and the Dapps makers. Shareholders are the people who hold a large number of coins. Artem Finance includes the Proof-of-honor (PoH) for consensus mechanism that can ranks nodes by "number of ARTT holdings" and "number of transactions that node handles". ARTT creates profitable mining that stimulated and faired for the shareholders and producers of Dapps.

- Nowadays, many projects use smart contract technology as an indispensable function for the trend of automating transactions in today's popular blockchains such as ETH, EOS, TRON, Stellar, … So does ARTT. Its smart contract offers optimized, secure, automated and transaction options for DeFi application.

- The development of Blockchain is transforming from secure and uncontrolled asset storage, into a new era of platforms, which can serve many of the world's richest financial sectors. That is the reason why it is essential to demonstrate the viability of that blockchain for creating an application ecosystem around Blockchain technology.

- One of the most important factor in ETH’s success is ecosystem tokens. They built more than 98% of all cryptocurrencies on the market being used in Dapps, decentralized applications. The ability to generate tokens and a reward mechanism has been provided by ARTT smart contract when the token node has multiple transactions.

- About the speed of transaction in ARTT systems, Artem Finance transactions actually take 1-3 seconds. Because there is a powerful PoH algorithm, ARTT Chain is capable of reaching 5000 transactions/second, block closing time is 2s.

- The strategy of Draken Group is moving towards decentralized financial products in the future. That is the reason why blockchain Artem Finance platform and a set of tools were used to build DeFi products on Artem Finance, such as savings, payment applications, loans, accounting system, automatic... - a complete DeFi ecosystem.

- Because it is cross-platform blockchains, Artem Finance is open to encourages and supports most people with expertise and ideas to build Dapps to contribute.




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3. Ending

All of the advantages that Artem Finance brings to you proves my advice – Artem Financeis a bright project for your investment




Looser in this world i lose everything i don't wanna live in this earth any more only 1 dream i want to make some money for family and buy own house that's it

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Looser in this world i lose everything i don't wanna live in this earth any more only 1 dream i want to make some money for family and buy own house that's it

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